No, Mr. Dacre! I expect you to die!


Now that someone who has been described as ‘otherwise healthy’ has been taken by the absolute atrocity that is the H1N1 swine influenza virus, the Internet and tabloid medias are awash with the reflected panic of the masses.  Talks of localised epidemics and swine flu’s “return in more deadly form” have been reported in the Daily Mail, the Scottish Sun and the Mirror.  I noticed that the broadsheet coverage of the story seemed to be quite insignifagact when compared to the Mirror’s 140pt bold, white text.

Apparently there have been 362 reported cases of swine flu in the UK, with 15 deaths; London is “days away from an epidemic with the West Midlands not far behind” according to the Daily Mail.  It strikes me as strange that something that poses relatively little threat to the Human Race as a whole has had such massive news coverage.  Sure, the AIDS epidemic in Africa is years old now, but even still the death toll is ever rising.  When millions of people continue to live on the poverty line and with millions of other people starving in the world, the swine flu panic seems an odd focal point.

The H1N1 virus is nothing more than a new strain of influenza, an illness that already claims somewhere around 36,000 deaths per year.  The Human Race has many flaws; one of them being our immune systems.  As powerful as they are, they still remain completely useless against new and unknown illnesses.  Such a point could be used to bolster Darwin’s theory of Evolution by applying the ‘survival of the fittest’ logic to Humans as a species.

Letting the virus play itself out would be the way that uninterrupted nature would have taken its course.  Those beings with the strongest immune systems would have recovered from the illness and lived to reproduce with others who have also survived the virus, and so their offspring would have resistance to H1N1.  The only example I can think of where such a path is actually being allowed to take its course is in certain parts of Africa where there are reports of sex workers who have built up an immunity to Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and subsequently, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

A report in The Times today confirmed that the swine flu vaccine has been ‘rushed through safety checks’ and that as many as 20 million people could be innoculated this year and the Government has already placed an order for 130 million doses.  This is excellent news for all of us and even less of a reason for the masses, and therefore the print media, to worry about something that will be under control before the new year.  So this brings me back to my original point.

Why does Paul Dacre (a man the Guardian described as “the most dangerous man in britain”) and the rest of his hellish consort feel the need to keep scaring the public into what is, essentially, something rather minor?  Sure, this isn’t minor to the loved ones of those who have been affected by the virus, but this is all part of Natural Selection.  The predator has struck and has killed 15 people in Britain so far.  Fifteen people of sixty million.  We saw it with Bird Flu, SARS, MRSA and we’re getting it all over again with H1N1.  It really is about time that people recognise the trends and then question them instead of resorting to blind panic the moment apreviously unknown illness rears it’s ugly head.  Selling papers may be important to those in the business, but for the rest of us it just impliments a sense of unease, tension and unnecessary worry among the populus and there’s no need for it.

A message to the powers that be:  You already have us by the the scruff of the neck when it comes to education, the economy, unemployment, tax, poor education standards, restrictive rights, pollution, advertising, visual media, print media, debt and poverty.  Do you really think we need anything else to worry about?

Paul Dacre

    • somewhatirascible
    • July 13th, 2009

    Paul Dacre and co. are going to be unbearable at the apocalypse.
    ‘We told you so!’
    ‘Yes, but only because you’ve been predicting it in one form or another every day for the past forty years,’ I’ll cry as my feet are consumed by molten lava.

  1. amen my brother

    • Hyphen
    • July 14th, 2009

    From what I’ve heard the full pandemic is not expected for a good few months. That gives us plenty time to get ourselves ready. What these papers are particularly cunning about is tying real-life events to images from films, disaster movies usually. The reader then can’t help but recall those scenes when thinking about what might happen because in our sheltered little society that’s the closest experience they have.

    I think their aim is not, as you suppose, to add to our list of worries but to mask them with something new – like pasting up a new ad on a billboard. Think it coincidence that the swine flu ‘epidemic’ erupted when people were not only getting enraged over the ‘credit crunch’ but also tired of hearing about it?

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