You work my shift and I’ll teach you how to fight a dog.

I am like this most days.  Sorry.

I am like this most days. Sorry.

Today is Monday and I am officially on Holiday.  I kept it quiet from the rest of my workmates until the Thursday, Friday and Saturday of last week’s shift.  The usual comments of ‘bastard’ and ‘lucky sod’ were bandied back and forth, but I cared not.  I was met with questions asking me where I was going, to which I replied “Nowhere”, which then begs the question;

“What are you going to do?”

STUMPED!  I was too busy looking forward to having no work commitments that I’ve completely forgotten to make a list of things to do.  So here I am, compiling a list of things I am going to do with my week

1.  Listen to lots of Ravi Shankar.  I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but the wily idea has just slipped my mind.  I was reminded of this when I last booted up Spotify and searched for ‘Hang music’.  I was given a list of tracks that matched, but there were four that caught my eye instantly.  From the album Hang Drum Music by someone calling themselves Bhanu, this album appears to be made up of four tracks ranging from just just under eleven minutes to just over twenty minutes.  Some of you left-wingers might feel the need to dismiss it as nonsense hippy music, but I care not.  After the 35 minute walk home and the 8 hour slog at the office, this seems to do a remarkable trick.  So yes, in listening to the music of the Hang I have re-discovered my love for all instruments ethnic and hopefully, this should be reflected in my listening habits ofver the course of the next week.

2.  Walk at least once a day for an hour.  I have been walking to and from work for the past week and I must say that it’s rather enjoyable.  Granted, the fact that Scotland has finally seen some pleasant weather has made this task even more wonderful, but not only am I benefitting by having more time to listen to more music, but my waistline seems to be shrinking as a result.

3.  Play old videogames.  I have some truly excellent videogames!  To name some examples, I have the entire Tomb Raider franchise, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, Black, Abe’s Odysee and Abe’s Exoddus, Myst, Riven and Uru, the entire Sierra point-and-click back catalog and several hundred SNES, Sega, PS1 and Dreamcast ROMS.  Ah, the memories.  The nostalgia.  The countless hours of clicking randomly on screens just to make King Graham walk to and pick up the tiniest two pixel by two pixel wide object in the far left of the screen.  I also have Hitman 2, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and Katamari Damacy somewhere.

4.  Read a long and complicated book.  I have read War and Peace, Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Crime and Punishment.  I am yet to go to Amazon and find something long and complicated to borrow from the library.  if any of you wonderful people have any suggestions, leave and comment and I’ll follow them up.

5.  Fix µTorrent.  Every time I boot µTorrent to download something, it seems to kill my connection.  This has been ever since I set up my static IP and did things with DNS and Subnet Masks.  Pretty basic port-forwarding stuff, but even after reverting back to original settings my connection seems to hang and come back intermittently, only to have the probelm eventually solved by either resetting the Router or restarting the computer, which tells me something in Windows is going wrong.  My connection is just fine, so long as I don’t boot µTorrent which is frightfully annoying, I can tell you.

6.  Clean up my computer.  FOr too long have I been scattering files about my various Hard Drives.  The time has come to grasp my Computer by the HDMI out and take back what was rightfully mine.  I would be ashamed to show any visitor the My Documents folder on this machine and as long as they don’t find the Downloads folder, I’ll be happy!  Not what i have anything didgy in there or anything, it’s just a bit of a mess is all.  I may not be the most house-proud of people, but computer-proud?  Almost certainly.  It shall be a task, but when the final defragging’s complete I’ll sigh a sigh of deep satisfaction and delight in my tidy, organised and efficient computer.

I will probably think of more things as time goes by, but I don’t want to overload myself on the first day.  I think the points I have here are more than enough to be starting with.  Anything else will be remembered and the chances are I’ll do it there and then.  Failing that, someone I know may just suggest something and I’ll go “YES” and I’ll be off doing things in places with people and stuff.


    • somewhatirascible
    • August 10th, 2009

    Yes, I made a vague list of Character-Building Things To Do during my week off recently; I think I achieved three of them. Worryingly, I can’t really remember that week. Then again, I can’t remember what I did last night.

    I walk for well over an hour every day and yet my waistline refuses to shrink, which is vaguely annoying when I think about it. I think my metabolism has fallen into a coma.

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