I have always maintained that I would never be surprised by what the Americans have to say.  For me, I’ve always seen them as so undisputedly ridiculous that they could come out with any kind of manufactured nonsense and it would just be something else that could only happen in America, and I was OK with this for the most part.

That stopped today.

Fuck you, America.  You’re the worst run, worst portrayed, most ignorant, biggoted, self-righteous, egotistical shambles of a nation and I hope you, along with your arrogance burn to the ground in a firey torrent of your own hatred.

I apologise for resorting to four letter expletives, but at this moment I find myself at a massive loss for words.

    • jenny
    • August 16th, 2009

    That is utter chumpery. Are they trying to say that the NHS is the employer of choice for existing terrorists, or that it somehow makes normal doctors into terrorists? Either way, its nonsense. Also,at the beginning they show a picture of “terror suspects”, the only two not blacked out are Dr Mohammed Asha and Dr Mohammed Haneef – both have had their names cleared and are therefore NOT SUSPECTS. Just innocent doctors, one in the UK, one in Australia (whose accusation and trial were shockingly bad), who happen to come from another country.

    Also worth pointing out is that a lot of the NHS’s actual problems are being caused by PFIs (who bleed away public money and deliver worse services). Therefore, private healthcare and everyone who advocates it can basically get to fuck.

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