Well in Advance.


Unlike this image will lead you to believe, I am not a thin, attractive female.

As we all know, on the 1st of January 2010 we will be in the Future.  The year that so many science fiction writers of old have looked to will be upon us.  Should we call it twenty-ten?  That sounds a way futuristic.  Two-Thousand-and-Ten is too long-winded and it sounds a bit old-fashioned.  I have decided to call it twenty-ten because that’s what they called it in the Fifties when science fiction writers envisaged us in space, travelling around in electric cars or on hoverboards living on Mars or something.  I don’t know I’m not a science fiction writer from the Fifties.

Also, where is my hoverboard?

Why am I doing this so early?  I either make ridiculous new-year’s resolutions that I’m never going to keep in a rush at the very end of the year or I don’t make any and feel guilty about it later.  I feel as though I should set personal goals for myself in the name of self-betterment and making them early on seems like a good idea.  This way, I have the opportunity to chop and change them as I se fit.  I can drop the ones that I don’t really care about, add new ones that I haven’t thought of just now or even change the ones I’ve made up.  This way I can plan ahead ready for 01/01/10.

1)  Read 30 books.

Currently I don’t read as many books as I would like.  It’s taken me several weeks to read up to the 240th page in the book I’m currently reading when my 10-year-old self would be well into the 2nd book by now.  It’s pretty ridiculous as I enjoy reading.  I get distracted way too often and I don’t really just sit down and read a book.  It’s either when I’m commuting or just before sleeping that I remember to read and that’s really not enough.  I used to have hundreds of books and I read all sorts, but I just suppose I slipped out of the habit and into the Internet.  Reading forums and newspapers don’t count, by the way.

2)  Lose five stone (70lb for the Americans among you).

I am unhappily rotund.  I have been for about two and a half years and I’m not really enjoying it all that much.  If you’ve seen my passport photo, you’ll have noticed my thinner and sexier face, my square jaw and clearer skin.  Although with my short hair, frown and lack of beard I do look like a Serbian rapist, but that’s just because I don’t really photograph well.  I would rather not have to order the XXL size t-shirt from online retailers and it would be nice if I could buy more clothes from the high street as I would really like to save some cash.  I’m also rather self-conscious in my current form, so not having to worry about whether not I look fat would be pretty great.  I considered vegetarianism but then I remembered bacon and almost instantly stopped considering it.

3)  Get some new glasses.

I have had the same two pairs of glasses for three years now and I am getting sick of them.  One pair even has cracked lenses for fuck’s sake.

4)  Get a job that I enjoy.

I am tired of working in places that I hate.  I am tired of going between “Oh, this isn’t so bad” and “Man, this job sucks” every week or so.  I see people online working jobs they love and I meet people who do interesting things or even things related to their degree and I instantly enter a world of jealousy, not because of their income or their possessions, but because they get to wake up in the morning and their first thought isn’t “I do not want to go to work today, or ever”.

5)  Buy a laptop.

There have been many times where a laptop has saved my life, at least where my computers are concerned.  When I recently had problems with my Graphics card, a laptop was key to the operation, downloading the necessary repair tools needed to fix my .dll files.  When I got the “.ntldr is missing” message while the BIOS was loading, a laptop was how I found out what that meant and pointed me to a download that I then burned to a bootable CD which fixed my computer.  Also, objective number six will be unobtainable without a laptop as I will be using Ableton Live and I don’t really fancy lugging around a full desktop system night after night.

6)  Start playing live again.

I used to play live a few years ago, but stopped when I started higher education.  I enjoyed it thoroughly and it led to good times.  The money was pretty good and it certainly beats working in a bar or some other job in terms of a second income.  Not only that, but I made lots of new friends and my knowledge of music and the technology surrounding it increased greatly.  I really want to do something I enjoy and get myself out of this rut I’ve been in for a while and getting out of the house more often is something I should definitely be doing.

7)  Learn a new programming language to a semi-professional level.

I already know one or two, but not in the depth I’d like.  I could write my own webpage in HTML or CSS and it would look alright I guess, but eventually I’d like to be able to hire out my programming skills on an hourly rate and make some cash out of something I rather enjoy.  I’ve already looked at a few and Python, Perl and JavaScript and it’ll probably be one of those but I’m still researching.  Any thoughts, post them in the comments below.

8)  Host my own multimedia server and share it with people around the world.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long, long time.  I have a second machine that I’ve been wanting to employ as my own personal server that my friends can access from their own PC at home via the Internet and add or take from it.  There have been a number of occasions where I would have given anything to have my own server to upload to, mostly when Microsoft removed the sharing folders feature from MSN, but also when I’ve wanted to distribute large files or applications to someone who lives in another country.  Ideally I’d like around four or five terabytes and just expand from there.

9)  Install and use a Linux distro alongside Windows 7.

This isn’t really so important, but it’s something I feel like I should be doing.  Recently there was a piece of code I wanted to compile but couldn’t in a Windows or Mac environment.  I had to use Linux, but it wasn’t a piece of code I was willing to download and install Red Hat to run.  When I lived at home I used to have Red Hat installed which I ran alongside Windows XP.  I didn’t really use it for anything, just to have a look around, but if I’m going to be hosting servers and learning how to code properly then I guess a small portion of my hard drive can go toward Ubuntu or Fedora.

10)  Buy a camera and learn how to take excellent photographs.

Earlier on in the year I went to Edinburgh Zoo.  We took with us two disposable cameras from Boots that cost £7 in total and got on a bus.  I only had the camera on my phone with me and about instantly realised how terrible the photos were going to be.  The 35mm photos on the camera came out surprisingly well.  They had a very 1970’s feel to them and some of them look as if they wouldn’t look out-of-place as a Boards of Canada album cover.  The camera phone photos weren’t so impressive.  They looked blurry and pixellated and most of them were full of digital artefacts.

The very next day I went to Jessops and fell in love with the Sony a700 Digital SLR.  The man in the shop let me hold it and take a few photos and it felt just perfect in my hands.  It was the best value for money, had the most features and the shutter noise was music to my ears.  However, I didn’t have the £600 to take it home so I’ve resided myself to opting for a lesser specced camera until I have the funds available to get one (hello student loan).
I’ll probably ammend this list at some points, but I’ll let you know if and when I do.

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    • November 2nd, 2009


    That is all.

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