Thirty is the new Twenty.

Thirty is the new Twenty.

Forty is the new Thirty.

Fifty is the new Forty.

Sixty is the new Fifty.

Seventy is the new Sixty.

Eighty is still pretty much Eighty.

Steady girlfriend / boyfriend is the new marriage.

Year Six is the new age of consent.

Thongs are the new bloomers.

Viagra is the new lust.

Sex is the new Television.

Tattoos are the new pierced ears.

Rubber vaginas are the new left hand.

Catholic Schoolgirls are the new Playboy Bunnies.

Fucking on the second date is the new frigid.

‘Girls Gone Wild’ is the new Brady Bunch.

Rampant Rabbits are the new monogrammed pen set.

Amateur porn is the new full time summer job at the call centre.

Blowjobs are the new handshake.

A jizz-facial is the new malt-sharing.

4 cocks in the ass while alternately blowing the postman and the milkman is the new promiscuity.

Jenna Jameson is the new Girl Next Door.

Hugh Hefner is the new Pope.

Coke is the new Pepsi.

Burger King is the new McDonald’s.

Virginity is the new Loch Ness Monster.

Original by Levni Reza Yilmaz, modified (slighlty) by me.
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