Oh dear.

I ‘like’ Barack Obama on Facebook and as a result, I receive updates from him. Most of them are just talking about his policies and what he wants to achieve, but today he posted;

To those celebrating Diwali in India, I look forward to visiting you over the next few days. And to all those who will celebrate this joyous occasion on Friday, I wish you, your families, and loved ones happy Diwali and Saal Mubarak.

Fair enough, I suppose.

So I scrolled down through the comments but immediately stopped scrolling when I saw this;

I THANKS,so much” MR.PRESIDENT”,and your family with joys&happiness, you the best one of the fienst person in” U S A” AND ”WORLD HAS SEEN” ,your abillitis, leadershipans competence persnalitis that you are not just some smol minded” …AMERICAN POLITICION!!!you are gret ” PRESIDENT”!!!OF U S A.we will support you I AM MILLIONS %%%%% 2012 is” YOURS!!!!!NO ONE CAN TAKE IT YOUR PLACE !!YOU WILL BE SAME RE-ELECT 2012!!! …YOU ARE THE ONE SO YOUNG…CHANGE HISTORY OF” U S A’. I wish you at the BEST comming year’s…”GOOD LUCK!!!to you & your family,”U S A”!!!!have safe trip to india..well come home safe!!!you are winner and successfull ” COMMING” 2012 will be yours no metter what!!!! I WILL PRAY FOR YOU,YOUR FAMILY …..””.GOD BLESS AMERICA””!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10/10 for enthusiasm.

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