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Mus Martis.




How to handle an emergency situation.

Sound sources include field recordings of airport announcements, hammering on metal plates at the former Kabelwerk Oberspree, Berlin, several sounds captured inside the large radio antenna dome at Teufelsberg, Berlin, dripping water at the Botanical Garden Florence, air condition systems and turbines in Las Vegas, Frankfurt and Tokyo, walking on rocks in Joshua Tree National Park, wind from the Grand Canyon, a friends answering machine, a printer, conversations via mobile phones, typing on an old Macintosh keyboard and recordings from tunnel works in Switzerland.

I’m not anymore.

This makes me happy to be alive.

Travel Sickness.


Travel Sickness (TS) is a potentially deadly cultural illness, a virus found in the heart, mind, body, and politics of certain humans. People can become infected by:

  • Willingly engaging in meaningless, emotion-based movements spawned by corporate interests.
  • The purchase and consumption of personal image products intended to mask individual creativity and independent thought.
  • Being exposed to disingenuous, uninformed, or other culturally retrograde concepts, often conveyed by parents, education systems, and peer groups.

TS causes people who are born healthy and without prejudice to slowly become very ignorant. Shortly after birth (about two years), humans are generally infected with the virus through parents and extended family, often developing a gradual distrust of thought and analysis and increased reliance upon received information (via hosts such as parents, peers, and educators) and factual regurgitation. Other symptoms of TS may include:

  • Difficulty accepting human uniqueness and individuality.
  • Propensity toward mindlessly repeating information culled from any media or source of authority (assumed, presumed, or otherwise).

Without treatment, TS may cause death of the soul. Most spiritual deaths caused by TS occur within humans who live too long without an appropriate degree of intellectual and emotional development.

Once a person develops TS, treatment for the illness is self-actualization and personal awareness, including focused attention to intellectual and emotional development to foster a sense of true individuality (as opposed to the individuality presumed in the assumption of dead political and socio-economic lifestyles). Yet this treatment, while self-administered, usually gains potency only upon consistent application and usage throughout adulthood.


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