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The Tory Party.

If you consider the past and present practices of the Tory Party, and if it were a human being, it would be diagnosed a psycopath.

The characteristics of one such person would be defined thus;

  1. Glibness/superficial charm
  2. Grandiose sense of self-worth
  3. Pathological lying
  4. Cunning/manipulative
  5. Lack of remorse or guilt
  6. Emotionally shallow
  7. Callous/lack of empathy
  8. Failure to accept responsibility for own actions
  9. Parasitic lifestyle
  10. Poor behavioral control
  11. Promiscuous sexual behavior
  12. Lack of realistic, long-term goals
  13. Impulsiveness
  14. Irresponsibility

    Compare this list to the Hare psychopathy checklist and tell me I’m wrong.



    Fuck the Act to make provision about the functions of the Office of Communications; to make provision about the online infringement of copyright and about penalties for infringement of copyright and performers’ rights; to make provision about internet domain registries; to make provision about the functions of the Channel Four Television Corporation; to make provision about the regulation of television and radio services; to make provision about the regulation of the use of the electromagnetic spectrum; to amend the Video Recordings Act 1984; to make provision about public lending right in relation to electronic publications; and for connected purposes.

    Fuck it.



    I am a skeptic.  This doesn’t mean that my default position is a negative one.  Skepticism means looking at something from an unbiased perspective.  It’s looking at something in particular and questioning; questioning until I’m happy with the evidence that’s been presented to me, allowing me to form my own, rational and educated opinion on the matter.  If this means that I’m going to be at odds with something after myanalysis then so be it.  I’d rather be miserable and worried about something whilst staying true to my beliefs rather than accept what someone else tells me as fact and carry on with my life.

    From what I have seen so far, I cannot;

    • trust the people in power,
    • be confident that the people in power will make the decisions that are best for the people and not themselves,
    • trust the people to question government to the point where the people instigate real, tangible change.

    This is the result of my findings.  I consider myself to have “my finger on the pulse” when it comes to politics and what’s currently going on in our world, and as such I spend quite a bit of my time reading, watching and talking about politics on a global scale.

    I tend to hold very skeptical views when it comes to political activity.  Whether it be analysing what’s happening at present to predicting what’s to come, I tend to distrust political figureheads and their parties.  Their words are recycled over and over.  Their hideous untruths and falsehoods have become the rhetoric of our times. Politicians often seem so far removed from their public that I sometimes wonder if they understand the majority of what they discuss.  When I see this video of Jay Rockerfeller talking about the Internet and its effect on national security, I can’t help but facepalm myself into near oblivion.  He looks out of his depth, he doesn’t seem to understand the words he’s saying and all this under the guise of “National Security”.  I was half expecting him to shout “A SERIES OF TUBES” but the world is not so kind.

    Not only do I not have any faith in the people who run the country I live in, but nor do I trust the people who run the countries in which I do not reside.  The more I read and the more I watch and hear and take in, the more I am drawn to the conclusion that national and global politics is n exceptionally large smoke and mirrors affair.

    I am not one for conspiracy theories and I tend to disparage the tinfoil-hat brigade on an almost daily basis, but it’s very difficult to watch something like the above footage and not feel the need to ask some pretty hard questions.  I am aware that documentaries by their very nature are constructed in such a way that the director gets a certain message to his audience, but this isn’t the first documentary to point out to me a lot of what you didn’t quite catch the first time around.

    I apologise if this is a lot of old tosh and nonsense.  I am tired from lack of sleep and I would really like to eat some chocolate cake right now.