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Mus Martis.




I’m not anymore.

This makes me happy to be alive.


“Nigga you are the maker, life giver and taker…”


Neurotron is Paisley.
Lucky Strikes are 50 inch televisions.
Monolake is hating my boss.
Prince of Persia is the West End.
Serge Gainsbourg is growing my hair long.
Blue shirts are an attempt at business dress.
Manitoba is summer & handwriting.
Earl Grey tea is a very dark memory.
Lusine is the RT60 equation.
Black Vans slip-ons are car insurance.
DJ Krush is the smell of the the subway.
Cider is a wooden table & many, many cigarettes.
Burial is the affair.
A barbecue is a summer spent outdoors & birdsong.
Flying Lotus is living alone.
The MMO is a means of continued confessions.
Wisp is the soundtrack to discovery.
Ice cream is holding out ’til the next visit.
Boards of Canada is the soundtrack to realisation.
Gallo white grenache is despairing.
Burial is the end of the affair.
Facial hair is waiting for an answer.
Beyonce is working things out.
Films at six in the morning are remembering why.
Richie Hawtin is a new flat.
Coffee is writing music.
Tycho is remembering.
A letter brings good news.
Autechre is now.

Lyric Analysis #1 [If I Were A Boy – Beyoncé]

I was listening to “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé (don’t ask) this morning when a thought struck me. What if I actually pay attention to the words she sings? I then thought I’d open Spotify and take a listen to her album “I Am… Sasha Fierce”. Someone once told me that it was a good album. I was skeptical, but I played the first track and instantly wondered what the shit she was harping on about.

And then the idea came to me.

Lyric Analysis: THE SERIES

The idea is that I play a couple of pop songs each week to @Dehyphenated (follow!) and she will comment on them line-by-line. I’ll post the resulting words here for your enjoyment. Lyrics to the songs will be italicised and comments made will be in bold.

So now without further ado, the lyric analysis of Beyoncé’s If I Were A Boy.


If I were a boy,
even just for a day,
I’d roll out of bed in the morning,

I do that anyway.
and throw on what I wanted and go,
I do that anyway.

Drink beer with the guys,
Do that too…
and chase after girls.
Not so much of that. But if I were a lesbian, I suppose…
I’d kick it with who I wanted,
Does that mean just hang out? Yep. I do that.
and I’d never get confronted for it,
Confronted for what? Hanging out with my friends? What the fuck? What kind of miserable life does a woman lead?
cause they stick up for me.
Alright, yeah. Because girls are bitches and they don’t stick up for their friends.

If I were a boy,
I think I could understand,
How it feels to love a girl.

I’m pretty sure I can understand what it feels like to love a girl. I think it’s probably just the same as loving a guy. Also, if I were a lesbian, see she’s living in this world where there are no gay people at all.
I swear I’d be a better man,
If I were a man, I would be a better man? Yeah, because you were a woman before. You’re not a very good man if you’re a woman.
I’d listen to her,
Cause I know how it hurts,
When you lose the one you wanted,

Who am I listening to? Who is this ‘her’? ‘Her’ has never been established. Is she implying, then that as a woman she doesn’t listen to her boyfriend?
Cause he’s taking you for granted,
And everything you had got destroyed
So her reasoning for being a better man is: she’s a woman? Genius.

If I were a boy,
I would turn off my phone,
Tell everyone it’s broken,
so they’d think that I was sleeping alone
What? Every night? Wait, what? I don’t get that. What is that?

I’d put myself first,
and make the rules as I go,
Cause I know that she’ll be faithful,
waiting for me to come home, to come home.

Alright, so, she’s got herself a little house-wife? And how does she know that her girlfriend isn’t fucking around with someone else? Just because she as a woman wouldn’t fuck around with someone else doesn’t mean that her new girlfriend wouldn’t fuck around with someone else. My head hurts.


It’s a little too late for you to come back,
Say it’s just a mistake,
think i’d forgive you like that,
If you thought I would wait for you,
you thought wrong.

This has nothing to do with her hypothetical sex-change. It’s just her getting angry at a guy. Again. Pretending like she’s better than him. Fuck sake.

But you’re just a boy.
You don’t understand,
and you don’t understand, ohhhh,
How it feels to love a girl.

That’s a shame, but it doesn’t mean she’d be a better man. He can’t help it if he doesn’t love her.
Someday you wish you were a better man,
You don’t listen to her,
You don’t care how it hurts,
Until you lose the one you wanted,

But what? He didn’t love her so he hasn’t lost the one he wanted! This is the worst narrative EVER!
Cause you’re taking her for granted,
And everything you had got destroyed

But you’re just a boy.

Also, why is she having sex with boys?


Beyoncé uses Batshit Woman Logic. Enemy Pokémon has fainted!

Selected Trueisms.

A single event can have infinitely many interpretations.
Being sure of yourself means you’re a fool.
Crime against property is relatively unimportant.
Dependence can be a meal ticket.
Emotional responses are as valuable as intellectual responses.
Fake or real indifference is a powerful personal weapon.
Going with the flow is soothing but risky.
Humanism is obsolete.
It’s better to be lonely than to be with inferior people.
Just believing something can’t make it happen.
Knowledge should be advanced at all costs.
Low expectations are good protection.
Mostly you should mind your own business.
Noise can be hostile.
Offer very little information about yourself.
Planning for the future is escapism.
Raise boys and girls the same way.
Stupid people shouldn’t breed.
The most profound things are inexpressible.
Unquestioning love demonstrates largesse of spirit.
Violence is permissible even desirable occasionally.
Wishing things away is not effective.
You must have one grand passion.
Zeal alone will get you nowhere.

Words (Aren’t Always Needed).

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble (aka The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation) is probably one of the coolest names for a band I’ve ever heard. The name alone was enough to spark my interest and listen to their music.

‘Here Be Dragons’ is the name of their latest album, and I can honestly say that I haven’t heard such a warm, captivating, familiar yet unsettling work in a long time. The album reminds me of the darker, murkier side of the Polish Jazz duo Skalpel.

It’s certainly an album that demands the listener’s attention, from the groaning intro of ‘Lead Squid’ right up until the breathy, almost aged, metallic outro of ‘The MacGuffin’. It’s certainly not an album you’ll be able to have in the background while doing other things. Casual listeners may find themselves out of their depth, but Jazz listeners who haven’t yet explored the realms of experimental or even drone Jazz should lap this up.

Click here to download.

Listen below.