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How to handle an emergency situation.

Sound sources include field recordings of airport announcements, hammering on metal plates at the former Kabelwerk Oberspree, Berlin, several sounds captured inside the large radio antenna dome at Teufelsberg, Berlin, dripping water at the Botanical Garden Florence, air condition systems and turbines in Las Vegas, Frankfurt and Tokyo, walking on rocks in Joshua Tree National Park, wind from the Grand Canyon, a friends answering machine, a printer, conversations via mobile phones, typing on an old Macintosh keyboard and recordings from tunnel works in Switzerland.


No Awareness.

I’ve been a fan of Kool Keith from back when he was a member of the Ultramagnetic MCs.  I first heard Funk Your Head Up in 1995 and was pretty much hooked on him ever since.  Tom Waits, however… I never really got him until i saw this video.

Everything about this track is excellent.

This is what I wish people thought of when I mention hip-hop instead of Lil’ Wayne, 50 Cent and so on.

Ah well.